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Digital Tutoring and Tech Support at the Library

The CA Connects Program has made it possible for MESA students to donate their time and provide technical support for the Yuba College Campus!  Several students from the MESA group will be donating their time during the first 2 weeks of the Fall semester to help Yuba College students register and prepare for classes and find library and other campus online resources.  The library is so excited about the wonderful partnership between our staff and the MESA group!

The MESA group will have a table set up outside of the 49er Library ConNex for the first 2 weeks of school on Monday through Thursday.  The student volunteers from MESA will have laptops available to assist Yuba College students as they gear up for a new semester!  The MESA student group will be providing help for services, including:

  • BlackBoard
  • College Portal
  • Student Email
  • Web Advisor
  • Library Resources
  • Campus Resources
  • And more!

Please visit the 49er Library ConNex and come by the MESA table during the first 2 weeks of school to receive online help and technical support!  And please remember to thank the MESA student group for generously donating their time!



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