Radiologic Technology

This pathfinder is a guide to help you begin your research. As sources and topics in the medical field are vast, these are only representative examples of the research paths you can pursue. For more assistance, you may contact the librarian.

Library Catalog (Polaris)

There are several ways you can begin your search on Polaris. Keyword searching works similar to Google. Just type in your search terms and choose among the suggestions from the drop down menu or use your own terms. You can also use the Browse tab to search by subject headings, title, and author. Type in your desired terms and browse the results to narrow your search. Advanced searching allows you to search all record fields, should you require something more specific, while Boolean searching allows you to explore a wider range of concepts. Based on yourneed, choose your search strategy accordingly.

Following is a sample list of subject search terms to help you begin your search. Please bear in mind that this is only a sample and that there are many other subject terms you can use. If the term or concept you are looking for is not listed here, just type it into one of the search tabs described above and go from there. Also, be sure to use the left side navigation tool in Polaris for “instant” assistance in expanding or narrowing your search terms.


Diagnostic Imaging

Human Anatomy


Radiologic Technologists


Radiology, Medical

Radiology, Medical – Handbooks, Manuals, etc

Radiology, Medical – Periodicals

Technology, Radiologic

[Name of Body Part] – Anatomy

i.e. Brain – Anatomy; Chest – Anatomy

[Name of Body Part] – Radiography

i.e. Brain – Radiography; Chest – Radiography

Following is a selection of Rad Tech resources found on Polaris. Many more are available by using the search terms above. These are only some suggestions.

596.01852 AL27; Bones : the unity of form and function; Alexander, R. McNeill; 1994

611 B587; Trail guide to the body : how to locate muscles, bones and more; Biel, Andrew; 1997

611 W636 6TH ED; Atlas of radiologic anatomy; Wicke, Lothar; 1998

611.0022 N474 4TH ED; Atlas of human anatomy; Netter, Frank H. (Frank Henry); 2006 [Reference]

611.00222 H975A; A brief atlas of the human body; Hutchinson, Matt; 2003

612 OX2; The Oxford companion to the body; Jennett, Sheila; 2001 [Reference]

616.07 T636; Basic medical techniques and patient care for radiologic technologists; Torres, Lillian S.; 1983

616.0754 A7351 6TH ED;Diagnostic imaging; Armstrong, Peter; 2009

616.0754 H746; Naked to the bone : medical imaging in the twentieth century; Kevles, Bettyann; 1997

616.0757 B615; The story of X-rays, from Röntgen to isotopes; Bleich, Alan Ralph; 1960

616.0757 EN19 V. 1; Encyclopedia of radiographic positioning; Dowd, Steven B; 1995 [Reference]

616.0757 SN54 4TH ED; Fundamentals of special radiographic procedures; Snopek, Albert Michael; 1999

616.0757 T636 4TH ED; Basic medical techniques and patient care for radiologic technologists; Torres, Lillian S; 1993

616.07572 C898; Optimizing radiographic positioning; Cullinan, Angeline M; 1992

616.07572 W191; Radiographic exposure : principles & practice; Wallace, Jerry Ellen; 1995

636.089 L165; Self assessment pictures tests in veterinary medcine : diagnostic imaging of the dog and cat; Lamb, Christopher, R; 1994

636.0896 L412 2007; Radiography in veterinary technology; Lavin, Lisa M; 2007

e-BookAnatomy of the heart by multislice computed tomography [electronic resource]; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio; 2008

e-BookA-Z of chest radiology [electronic resource]; Planner, Andrew; 2007

e-BookA-Z of emergency radiology [electronic resource]; Holmes, Erskine J; 2007

e-BookCarotid disease [electronic resource] : the role of imaging in diagnosis and management; Gillard, Jonathan H; 2007

e-BookRadiographic atlas of skull and brain anatomy [electronic resource]; Gallucci, Massimo; 2007

e-Book3d imaging for safety and security [electronic resource]; Workshop on Advanced 3D Imaging for Safety and Security (2005 : San Diego, Calif.); 2007

e-BookAnatomy & physiology workbook for dummies [electronic resource]; Rae-Dupree, Janet; 2007

e-BookAppleton & Lange review of anatomy [electronic resource]; Montgomery, Royce L; 2007

e-Book; The radiography procedure and competency manual [electronic resource]; Biedrzycki, Anita; 2008

e-BookEmergency radiology [electronic resource] : case studies; Schwartz, David T; 2008

e-BookImaging in rehabilitation [electronic resource]; Malone, Terry; 2008

e-BookGrowth of the pediatric skeleton [electronic resource] : a primer for radiologists; Oestreich, Alan E; 2008

e-BookAdvances in human palaeopathology [electronic resource]; Pinhasi, Ron; 2008

e-BookAnatomical imaging [electronic resource] : towards a new morphology; End¯o, Hideki; 2008

e-BookMusculoskeletal ultrasound [electronic resource] : anatomy and technique; O’Neill, John M. D; 2008

e-BookAtlas of regional anatomy of the brain using MRI [electronic resource] : with functional correlations; Tamraz, J. C. (Jean Claude); 2008

e-BookImaging in rehabilitation [electronic resource]; Malone, Terry; 2008

e-BookReal whole-body MRI [electronic resource] : requirements, indications, perspectives; Goyen, Mathias; 2008

e-BookAnatomy for the MRCS [electronic resource]; Wood, Christopher; 2008

e-BookThe making of Mr. Gray’s anatomy [electronic resource]; Richardson, Ruth; 2008

e-BookAnatomy of the heart by multislice computed tomography [electronic resource]; Faletra, Francesco Fulvio; 2008

e-Book; Atlas of gross pathology [electronic resource] : with histologic correlation; Rose, Alan G; 2008

e-BookMusculoskeletal ultrasound [electronic resource] : anatomy and technique; O’Neill, John M. D; 2008

e-BookHuman and nonhuman bone identification [electronic resource] : a color atlas; France, Diane L; 2009

e-BookRadiology Handbook : A Pocket Guide to Medical Imaging; Benseler, J. S; 2006

e-BookMedical Imaging Systems Technology : Methods in Diagnosis Optimization; Leondes, Cornelius T; 2005

e-BookMedical Imaging Systems Technology : Methods in General Anatomy; Leondes, Cornelius T; 2005

e-BookMedical Imaging Systems Technology : Modalities; Leondes, Cornelius T; 2005

e-BookAdvancing Nuclear Medicine Through Innovation; Committee on State of the Science of Nuclear Medicine; 2007

e-BookA-Z of Emergency Radiology; Misra, Rakesh R; 2004

e-BookInternet for Radiologist; Mehta, Amit; 2002

e-BookRadiation in Medicine : A Need for Regulatory Reform; Institute of Medicine Staff; 1996

Subscription Databases

Available on campus, from home via MyCampus portal, or with a password. MyCampus portal login instructions

Nursing Resource Center – In Subject Guide, use terms “Radiology” and “Pediatric Radiology” and browse list of Subdivisions and Related Subjects to refine your search.

Proquest – Full text journal articles on many medical-related topics. Subject headings or search terms include Radiology, Radiology AND Neurology, Radiology AND Medical Imaging, Radiology AND Medical Diagnosis, Radiology AND Tumors. Use the “Browse Topics” feature to search for many more.

Ebrary – eBooks on medical-related topics. Use keyword “Radiology” to get started.

Netlibrary – eBooks on medical-related topics. Access through Polaris. Search results will be indicated with a computer icon and link to full-text.

Wilson Web Reference Shelf – Selected pathfinders are available on the homepage.”Broad Medical Issues” contains articles on Radiology and/or Medical Imaging. You can also keyword search “Radiology.”


Note: Please ask the librarian for assistance in accessing these print journals. You may not find them in Polaris in the course of your searching.

Applied Radiology (Yuba College)

JAMA (Yuba College)

Radiologic Technology (Yuba College)

Radiology (Yuba College)

Seminars in Radiologic Technology (Yuba College)

British Journal of Radiology –

Skeletal Radiology –

Free Web Resources

CHORUS – Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology –

eMedicine Radiology –

Google Book Search (“Radiology Research”) –,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6dddf75ad1691bc3

Learning Radiology –

Martindale’s Radiology Center –

Med Pix-Radiology Teaching Files –

Multi-dimensional Human Embryo – A digital library of radiology education resources (created by Michael P. D’Alessandro, MD. University of Iowa – Virtual Hospital) –

Radiolopolis: The international Radiology community for education, research and clinical practice –

United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) –

University of Washington Department of Radiology: Anatomy Module List –

Visible Human Project (NLM) –

Whole Brain Atlas (Harvard Medical School) –

Yottalook –


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