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Digital Tutoring and Tech Support at the Library

The CA Connects Program has made it possible for MESA students to donate their time and provide technical support for the Yuba College Campus!  Several students from the MESA group will be donating their time during the first 2 weeks of the Fall semester to help Yuba College students register and prepare for classes and find library and other campus online resources.  The library is so excited about the wonderful partnership between our staff and the MESA group!

The MESA group will have a table set up outside of the 49er Library ConNex for the first 2 weeks of school on Monday through Thursday.  The student volunteers from MESA will have laptops available to assist Yuba College students as they gear up for a new semester!  The MESA student group will be providing help for services, including:

  • BlackBoard
  • College Portal
  • Student Email
  • Web Advisor
  • Library Resources
  • Campus Resources
  • And more!

Please visit the 49er Library ConNex and come by the MESA table during the first 2 weeks of school to receive online help and technical support!  And please remember to thank the MESA student group for generously donating their time!



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New Library Location

The transition of moving the library to its temporary location has been completed!  The move went exceptionally well, and we were able to bring over 4,000 books and media materials to the new 49er Library ConNex!  The 49er Library ConNex will be offering new, extended hours for the Fall in order to accommodate growing needs of Yuba College’s students.  We are so excited about providing more hours to students, and we really hope that you will take advantage of the extended schedule!  The 49er Library ConNex will be opening August 15 for the Fall Semester.

New Fall Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 7:45am – 8:00pm

Friday: 7:45am – 4:30pm

The new library location will provide thousands of resources for students, faculty, and staff.  However, if you find something in the catalog that is not located at the 49er Library ConNex, you can request that the materials be brought over to the new location.  You can request materials through the library catalog or in-person at the library – and remember, you can also request materials from other campuses as well!  We will be at this new location for two years during the major remodeling project and then reopen at the freshly remodeled library in 2013.

Come visit the Cyber Lab!  We will have all types of technology and equipment to meet your needs, including: computers, printers, WiFi, copiers, resources for DE testing, and more!  We will also provide a quiet study area for students who need to complete studies and research in a quiet environment.

We are so excited about the innovative changes being made to the Yuba College Library and hope that you are too!  We understand that the temporary location is smaller in size and has a new atmosphere due to the close proximity of the cafeteria.  We greatly appreciate the flexibility of our students as we work to create a newly remodeled library!

So, stop by the 49er Library ConNex to see our technologically advanced Cyber Lab, take advantage of our extended hours schedule, and find a quiet place to complete your studies.  We are here to help!

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“Name the Library” Contest!

Yuba College Library needs a new name for our temporary facility in the cafeteria and we want help from Yuba College students!  The library, open media lab, and quiet study area will be located in the cafeteria for the next 2 years while the 1100 facility is undergoing renovation — for more information, see our last post!

The library is centered on student learning through collaboration, web 2.0 tools, and other online resources. The library will provide current computing technology for students, staff and faculty in order to facilitate research.  We are working diligently to provide a library space that students love, and want to offer you the opportunity to contribute the library’s new name!

Please complete the survey below and enter to win a chance to name the library. All entries are due by Monday, June 20th. The winner will receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card. We look forward to your submissions!


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A Definition of Library 2.0 in Only 800 Words

In the next few months, the Yuba College Library will be moving to temporary quarters in order to begin a major library renovation (more on that next week), which will result in more modernly designed facilities, access to technology tools, and user-friendly services. In other words, we want to go all “Library 2.0.”

What does this mean? A little known secret is that librarians aren’t really sure either. “2.0” gets tossed around a lot as an easy reference to the concept of “newest version.” We don’t want to be your grand-mamma’s library. We want to be the library of the future, the place that’s wired up to the gills, efficient, responsive, pleasant to be in (no more 70’s décor please), and easily accessible. That’s vague enough, right?

When the concept of Library 2.0 came about, it was seen as a response to the increasing evolution of web technology, which was more interactive, social, and user-determined. Since libraries primarily served the public and used technology to facilitate access to resources and information, many thought that Library 2.0 was a natural extension. Back in 2005, one librarian described Library 2.0 thusly: “Library 2.0 simply means making your library’s space (virtual and physical) more interactive, collaborative, and driven by community needs…The basic drive is to get people back into the library by making the library relevant to what they want and need in their daily lives…to make the library a destination and not an afterthought.”

Six years later, many in the profession wonder what all of the fuss was about and whether or not Library 2.0 was ever really achieved. Some say that librarians lost sight of the library’s primary mission – to serve the public need – while pursuing emerging technology without a clear vision for what it hoped to accomplish. Says John Blyberg, “…we cannot expect to retrofit our libraries with tomorrow’s technology. The true pursuit of Library 2.0 involves a thorough recalibration of process, policy, physical spaces, staffing, and technology so that any hand-offs in the patron’s library experience are truly seamless.” Meredith Farkas says that our obsession with new technology toys has caused us to lose sight of common sense and promotes assessment as a way to truly gage what users need or even want, a notion that is backed up by Andy Woodworth, who adds that librarians seem rather foolish in loudly advocating what should be obvious – responding to public demand. Still, another librarian-blogger says Library 2.0 is about using technology to help the librarian become more efficient in service to patrons.

Indeed, in the for-profit world, “the customer is always right.” Businesses make, market, and sell products based on public demand and interest. Sometimes the public demand is spot on (Facebook) and sometimes the public demand is misguided (SUVs, rest in peace). Regardless, we know that a business that can’t meet public demand is doomed to extinction. The library is no exception, so this new move to respond to user demand is not highly controversial. I think the bigger question is: “How?” Do we go crazy with technology, do we let users determine their own fate, or do we do what the most innovative businesses do – hear what people are saying and then offer something new that they never dreamed was possible?

This is the beauty of Library 2.0. It can be whatever we – that is librarians and patrons alike –  want it to be. You’ve seen in the past several weeks our efforts to get feedback via Survey Monkey so that we can learn more about what everyone would like to see in the new library. That represents our initial move towards Library 2.0.  “The rest,” as the Natasha Bedingfield song goes “is still unwritten.”


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