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Contact the Library for Reference and Research Assistance

Have you ever experienced frustration when needing to find information for an assignment or research paper, not knowing where to look or who to ask for help?  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and confused by the complexities involved with finding information among the library’s many resources, the experts at the library are here to assist you with your research and reference needs.  Whether you need help finding a quick answer to a factual question, require in-depth research assistance about a subject area, need help citing sources, require assistance locating materials through interlibrary loan, need instruction regarding how to use the library’s collection, or possess any other information need, we’re here to help you find the answers!

Students have several options when contacting Yuba College Library for assistance:

  • E-mail the library via the Ask A Librarian Form.  Offered during the Fall and Spring semesters only, students can use this form to e-mail the Yuba College Library reference desk for their research needs. To expedite your request, please include your topic (be specific) and the sources you have already used.  A librarian will answer your e-mail shortly.
  • Schedule an appointment via the Research Appointment Request Form.  Arrange an appointment with the Librarian for a personal, in-depth consultation about your research assignment and relevant resources. A librarian will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment. This service is not available when the library is closed.
  • Visit the library in person.  If you have immediate research needs, visiting the library in person is often the quickest way to receive assistance.  Yuba College Library is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:45am to 8pm, and Friday, from 7:45am to 4:30pm.
  • Call the library.  To receive assistance over the phone, call the Librarian at (530) 741-6592 or call the Reference/Research Assistant at (530) 741-6756.
  • Text the Librarian.  To receive assistance via SMS text message, text the Librarian at (530) 359-8220.

When in doubt, contact the library!  We’re here to help!


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When We Don’t Own the Book

Library collections are developed based on the information wants and needs of the community that the library serves.  Additionally, receiving users’ input helps librarians develop a collection that best meets users’ information needs.  While Yuba College Library attempts to purchase materials that will prove useful to students, occasionally we miss an important material.  To this end, Yuba College Library provides a Material Purchase Request Form through which Yuba College faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students can offer suggestions regarding book, journal, microform, audiovisual, and electronic materials that they would like the library to acquire and add to its collection.  The library welcomes users’ suggestions regarding the purchase of library materials, and all suggestions are reviewed by the librarian.  We take all material purchase requests under consideration, and, when possible and appropriate, we do our best to add requested items to the library’s collection.

Before submitting a Material Purchase Request Form, please first check the online catalog to make sure that the library does not already own the item that you are requesting.  Additionally, supplying as much bibliographic information as possible in the Material Purchase Request Form will help the librarian quickly consider and process your request.

To access older or out-of-print materials that the library does not own, you may wish to submit an Interlibrary Loan Request Form, described in a previous blog post.

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Students Speak About the Temporary Library

If you visited the 49er Library ConNeX this September you probably noticed a large white board on display posing the question:  “What do you think about our temporary facility?”   Students were invited to write comments on the white board sharing what they liked and disliked about the library’s temporary location in Building 300, which it currently shares with the cafeteria.

white board with responses

We asked, and you answered!  The following were the topics mentioned in students’ feedback:


  • Friendly, helpful library staff
    • We’re glad that students like the library staff.  We like you, too!
  • Research assistance 
    • We provide research assistance to students working on assignments. Stop by the reference desk and speak to a librarian for research assistance.  We’re here to help!
  • Free coffee
    • Who doesn’t love free coffee?
  • Quiet Cyber Lab
    • The Cyber Lab, located in a room separate from the main library area, is a quiet place to study and access computers.  If the cafeteria noise is bothering you, visit the library’s quiet Cyber Lab, containing 32 computers as well as individual desks and study carrels.
  • Longer hours
    • Because we care about our students, we have extended our hours to Monday-Thursday 7:45am-8pm and Friday 7:45am-4:30pm.  Stop in!
  • Shortened distance to the cafeteria
    • You’ve got that right!  If the library was any closer to the cafeteria, we’d be shelving bananas alongside our books.
  • Less formal setting than the previous library
    • A less formal setting is inevitable when the library is sharing the same building with the cafeteria.  Just maintain the quiet, please!


  • Smaller library size
    • Although the size of the temporary library is smaller than the main library, with about 4,000 books on display, the library’s remaining collection of about 15,000 books is accessible offsite.  If you find an item in the library catalog that is not currently located on the library’s shelves, all you need to do is request the item and we’ll retrieve it from storage for you.
  • Smelling cafeteria food while trying to study
    • We understand that the smell of cafeteria food can be distracting while trying to study.  Unfortunately, the aromas come with the location.
  • Lack of power outlets to plug in electronic devices
    • We’re pleased to announce that a whole row of power outlets have been installed on the cafeteria side of Building 300 to meet students’ needs.  Additionally, more power outlets have been installed in the courtyard.
  • Cafeteria noise
    • We know that the cafeteria noise can be distracting to students while working at the library’s study tables.  However, the library’s Cyber Lab, located in a room separate from the open-air space that the library shares with the cafeteria, is a quiet place to study and work on assignments.  The Cyber Lab contains 32 computers as well as individual desks and study carrels.  Visit the Cyber Lab for your quiet computer and studying needs.

We thank you for your patience during this two year period while the main library is being remodeled and undergoing its high-tech, Library 2.0 transformation.  The temporary inconveniences accompanying our cafeteria-based location were inevitable, but in the end it will all be worth it when in two years we move into our newly remodeled, state-of-the-art library building.   We continue to try to improve our service, and we appreciate the excellent, informative feedback written on the library’s white board this September.   The library is doing its best to meet students’ needs and always welcomes students’ feedback about how we can make your library experience better.

We’re listening, and we want to hear from you.

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Interlibrary Loan Service Now Available

After canceling interlibrary loan service for one year, Yuba College Library is pleased to announce that we are now offering interlibrary loan service once again!  What’s interlibrary loan service, you may ask?  In a nutshell, interlibrary loan refers to a cooperative arrangement through which libraries access materials for patrons when the desired items are not found in their own library’s collections.   How does this service apply to Yuba College students?  It means that if you cannot find the book, journal article, or other material that you want within Yuba College Library’s physical or online collections, you can ask the library about borrowing the item from another library, or, often in the case of journal articles, acquiring a photocopy of the item from another library.

If you are unable to find the item that you seek in Yuba College Library’s catalog, which currently contains over 25,000 volumes, 100 periodical subscriptions, as well as online periodicals, microfilm, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and videotapes, don’t give up!  If you have identified a good source that you think will be helpful in writing your next research paper and that source is not contained within Yuba College Library’s collection, the library likely has the ability to identify other libraries that own the desired item and acquire it for you.  Visit Yuba College Library in person to request an interlibrary loan item or request an interlibrary loan item online by submitting the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Remember, no single library is able to possess a copy of every material that its patrons may need.  Don’t be shy about asking Yuba College Library to tap other libraries’ collections to meet your reading and research needs.  We’re here to help!

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The Library’s New Location: Building 300

The 49er Library ConNeX, Yuba College Library’s newly-named temporary location, is functioning in full swing this Fall semester in its new location:  Building 300 (the cafeteria).  The 49er Library ConNeX will be located in Building 300 for the next two years while the library’s original location, Building 1100, is renovated and transformed into a high-tech, 21st century library!  It is expected that the renovation of the library’s original location, Building 1100, will be completed in 2013.  Thus, for the next two years the 49er Library ConNeX, which shares Building 300 with the cafeteria, will be the temporary home of the Yuba College Library.

Although the library has been down-sized a bit to fit into its new location that it shares with the cafeteria, all of the library’s services remain the same.  The 49er Library ConNeX displays over 4,000 materials, offers to retrieve library-owned materials if they are not currently located in the temporary library, provides access to an InterLibrary Loan service, contains a Cyber Lab for student’s computing needs, and features a quiet space for student study.  In addition, students are encouraged to use the library for research assistance and are welcome to make appointments with the librarian — via phone at (530) 741-6592, SMS text at (530) 359-8220, as well as by approaching the reference desk — for research, reference sources, and citation assistance.

The 49er Library ConNeX offers new, extended hours this Fall semester at the Yuba College Campus:

  • Monday – Thursday:  7:45am – 8pm
  • Friday:  7:45am – 4:30pm

We hope that you will visit the library’s new location in Building 300 and take advantage of its collections and services.  We look forward to serving you at the library this semester!

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Students Speak on the “New” Library

The library continues to collect data for its Library 2.0 transformation. Recently, our librarian, Elena Heilman, placed a large white board in the library to survey students on what they liked and did not like about the current state of the library.

white board with responses

Let’s go over the responses.

  • Students liked having access to critical technology tools (computers, printers, WiFi, power outlets for laptops) and would like more, better, and updated equipment.
  • Students enjoyed the quiet space of the library for studying and wished other students took the library more seriously (i.e. refrained from loud conversations, talking on cell phones, smoking outside, eating, and using computers for non-academic purposes).
  • Students wanted better seating and more meeting spaces.
  • Students wanted the library to have extended hours, open in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Students wanted a designated area for eating, socializing, and drinking coffee.
  • Students liked library services and programming, such as the Computer Lab, the Success Center, tutoring, and art shows.
  • Students felt the staff/student workers were helpful.
  • Students wanted more resources in the library, such as books, etc.

What’s interesting to note in these responses is that, basically, students want the library to be a library. They want resources, technology access, quiet, and good places to study. This flies a little in the face of conventional Library 2.0 wisdom (as defined in a post from two weeks ago) that the library becomes a party central of sorts, a place where technology rules, socializing is a key activity, and staff is invisible. On the contrary, at Yuba College at least, students like the staff and the help that they provide and while technology is important, studying is the key activity of the library, students feel. And sometimes studying isn’t a solitary activity. Sometimes students like to gather and discuss, debate, and get in a laugh or even a smoke.

So what does this mean for Library 2.0 at Yuba College? The jury is still out, but the responses beg a couple of questions: 1) Should the library become a “mixed use space” with areas designated for socializing, quiet study, and group discussion?; and 2) Where should the library concentrate its already tight funds: On more books, extended hours, or technology equipment? These are not easy questions to answer, so the debate and analysis will continue as Yuba marches towards its vision for the library of the future. And many thanks to those students who took the time to contribute to the discussion!

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