Library Service

Did you know that your library offers over a dozen different services? Your Librarians have been specially trained in research and are experts in helping you navigate your research project.

Your librarian can help you:

  • Find resources.
  • Cite resources.
  • Use basic computer software like Word, Excel, and even Blackboard.
  • Develop a topic.
  • Use a citation management tool.
  • Find resources that the library doesn’t have through interlibrary loan.
  • Find the answer to copyright questions and help you to use copyrighted items ethically.

Your library offers:

  • A computer lab with printing and copying.
  • Library databases, including over 20 databases from EBSCO, Credo Reference, Jstor, ProQuest Nursing, Gale Literature Resource Center, and more!
  • Textbooks and articles on reserve.
  • Regular print books, magazines, & newspapers.
  • CDs.
  • Videos and tutorials on the research process and databases, available on the MyCampus library webpage.

And there is always more! If you are ever unsure about something, please just ask your Librarian. They are experts at helping you find answers.


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