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Intro to Database Searching

As the semester begins, it is usually a good idea to brush up on your search skills because you know that a research paper is headed your way sometime this semester! When you first start a paper, the amount of information that is available can be overwhelming.

Information Overload

Are you drowning in information?

This is called “information overload” and can be very daunting. Well, have no fear, your Yuba College Library has a bunch of specially chosen, highly reliable scholarly information just waiting for you.

Check out our new EBSCO databases (Health Source, Consumer Health, GreenFile, ERIC, Primary Search, Military & Government Collection, and many more!). You can access these from the library website or your MyCampus portal. You can also check out Credo Reference for a ton of encyclopedic material. It’s great for background research and narrowing your paper topic!

Check out these tutorials for search tips and keyword skills that will help you in the coming semester. And remember, you can always come in, call, email, or text! Your research help is only a question away.


Here is a tutorial from EBSCO about how to search their databases:

And here is a tutorial from Credo Reference about how to use their visual search, or mind map. It’s great for finding connections between ideas and brainstorming:


So check out these tutorials and feel a little bit more secure in jumping into your research. Your library databases have made the information overload a lot less overwhelming.


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