Library Research Workshops!

Attention all students! We are hosting a round of library research workshops at the WLDC (Room 1251A) this semester.

They will be held thursdays at 2 pm.

All workshops are approximately 50 minutes in length or less. Please arrive 5 minutes early to register with the WLDC.

DATABASES FOR RESEARCH – Be introduced to the many databases to which the Library subscribes for research and answer all your questions about how to access them and what kinds of information can be found using them. Scheduled for March 1 and repeated April 5. 

MLA FAQ – Learn the basics of citing sources with MLA formatting and the easi-est way to cite your sources properly. Scheduled for March 8 and repeated April 12. 

AVOIDING PLAGIARISM – Learn to identify various forms of plagiarism, the basics of properly citing your sources, common ways that plagiarizers get caught, and the ways to avoid plagiarism. – Scheduled for March 15.

USING GOOGLE FOR ACADEMIC RESEARCH – Sharpen your search skills to quickly locate quality resources using Google, Google Scholar, Google Books and more. Scheduled for March 22


So mark your calendars and set an alarm on your phone – these workshops will be so helpful!


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