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When We Don’t Own the Book

Library collections are developed based on the information wants and needs of the community that the library serves.  Additionally, receiving users’ input helps librarians develop a collection that best meets users’ information needs.  While Yuba College Library attempts to purchase materials that will prove useful to students, occasionally we miss an important material.  To this end, Yuba College Library provides a Material Purchase Request Form through which Yuba College faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students can offer suggestions regarding book, journal, microform, audiovisual, and electronic materials that they would like the library to acquire and add to its collection.  The library welcomes users’ suggestions regarding the purchase of library materials, and all suggestions are reviewed by the librarian.  We take all material purchase requests under consideration, and, when possible and appropriate, we do our best to add requested items to the library’s collection.

Before submitting a Material Purchase Request Form, please first check the online catalog to make sure that the library does not already own the item that you are requesting.  Additionally, supplying as much bibliographic information as possible in the Material Purchase Request Form will help the librarian quickly consider and process your request.

To access older or out-of-print materials that the library does not own, you may wish to submit an Interlibrary Loan Request Form, described in a previous blog post.


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Interlibrary Loan Service Now Available

After canceling interlibrary loan service for one year, Yuba College Library is pleased to announce that we are now offering interlibrary loan service once again!  What’s interlibrary loan service, you may ask?  In a nutshell, interlibrary loan refers to a cooperative arrangement through which libraries access materials for patrons when the desired items are not found in their own library’s collections.   How does this service apply to Yuba College students?  It means that if you cannot find the book, journal article, or other material that you want within Yuba College Library’s physical or online collections, you can ask the library about borrowing the item from another library, or, often in the case of journal articles, acquiring a photocopy of the item from another library.

If you are unable to find the item that you seek in Yuba College Library’s catalog, which currently contains over 25,000 volumes, 100 periodical subscriptions, as well as online periodicals, microfilm, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and videotapes, don’t give up!  If you have identified a good source that you think will be helpful in writing your next research paper and that source is not contained within Yuba College Library’s collection, the library likely has the ability to identify other libraries that own the desired item and acquire it for you.  Visit Yuba College Library in person to request an interlibrary loan item or request an interlibrary loan item online by submitting the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Remember, no single library is able to possess a copy of every material that its patrons may need.  Don’t be shy about asking Yuba College Library to tap other libraries’ collections to meet your reading and research needs.  We’re here to help!

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