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You’re Welcome Yuba College Students: Tips for getting through finals and getting the best grades you can!

We don’t mean to be a downer or anything, but finals are coming. Finals are awful, but the good news is they pass quickly and hopefully so will you! So, in honor of upcoming finals week, we at the library have a few resources and tips to ensure not only your survival, but also your matriculation.

First, use the resources that Yuba College has to offer. There is a wonderful College Success Center that provides tutoring, study groups, study guides, help with writing papers and more. And it’s free! The great benefit is that staff at the College Success Center know your instructors, class content, and assignments better than anyone and will be able to direct your efforts into solid results. Plus, you will have the opportunity to discuss problems, solutions, and strategies with other students.

Of course the library (dare we say) is always a good place to get assistance with your research, as well as a nice, quiet place to study. If you are off campus typing furiously away at your computer and come up with a question on the fly, you can just email or Facebook us and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can (not at 1am but as soon as we can!).

There are other things you can do to manage your stress level. This helpful article at Suite 101 offers some pointers on how to make the most of your study time. Also, check out the “Related Articles” box on the right, where you can find additional advice.

College Candy has a lot of advice on getting through finals written by your fellow college students. This article points you to some helpful web resources and apps that can help you organize your study notes, time, wardrobe, beverages and other finals necessities. However, there are many other finals survival articles at College Candy that may be helpful. Try doing a search for “finals help.” This article is kind of a bad influence and involves the library a lot, but we won’t tell where you got such ideas.

Alright, enough reading articles. Like you don’t have enough to read! Here are some additional tips that come from personal experience:

  • Easy on the caffeine. Too much will wig you out and you won’t be able to concentrate. Try eating pick-me-up foods such as fresh fruit, granola bars, or fish. It’ll help power your brain and body without giving you the shakes.
  • Find a laugh. Nothing gives you that second wind like something funny to take your mind off things temporarily. Saturday Night Live has a bunch of funny Digital Shorts that never get old. Not your sense of humor? Sorry, but find what makes you laugh and laugh!
  • Study in silence. In spite of what you may delude yourself into believing, you cannot study properly with the TV or a movie on, blaring music (the kind that makes you want to get up and dance), texting, chatting or otherwise distracting yourself online. These are distractions that won’t allow you to fully concentrate and get information firmly into your brain.
  • Don’t freak. With solid preparation, especially as described in the resources above, you will do well. Believe that and repeat it to yourself often.

We hope this helps get you through the next couple of weeks. Finals suck, but they are not insurmountable. We all had to take our finals to pass classes, finish school and become successful professionals. So consider it a right of passage….and good luck to you all!


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