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Contact the Library for Reference and Research Assistance

Have you ever experienced frustration when needing to find information for an assignment or research paper, not knowing where to look or who to ask for help?  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and confused by the complexities involved with finding information among the library’s many resources, the experts at the library are here to assist you with your research and reference needs.  Whether you need help finding a quick answer to a factual question, require in-depth research assistance about a subject area, need help citing sources, require assistance locating materials through interlibrary loan, need instruction regarding how to use the library’s collection, or possess any other information need, we’re here to help you find the answers!

Students have several options when contacting Yuba College Library for assistance:

  • E-mail the library via the Ask A Librarian Form.  Offered during the Fall and Spring semesters only, students can use this form to e-mail the Yuba College Library reference desk for their research needs. To expedite your request, please include your topic (be specific) and the sources you have already used.  A librarian will answer your e-mail shortly.
  • Schedule an appointment via the Research Appointment Request Form.  Arrange an appointment with the Librarian for a personal, in-depth consultation about your research assignment and relevant resources. A librarian will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment. This service is not available when the library is closed.
  • Visit the library in person.  If you have immediate research needs, visiting the library in person is often the quickest way to receive assistance.  Yuba College Library is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:45am to 8pm, and Friday, from 7:45am to 4:30pm.
  • Call the library.  To receive assistance over the phone, call the Librarian at (530) 741-6592 or call the Reference/Research Assistant at (530) 741-6756.
  • Text the Librarian.  To receive assistance via SMS text message, text the Librarian at (530) 359-8220.

When in doubt, contact the library!  We’re here to help!


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Digital Tutoring and Tech Support at the Library

The CA Connects Program has made it possible for MESA students to donate their time and provide technical support for the Yuba College Campus!  Several students from the MESA group will be donating their time during the first 2 weeks of the Fall semester to help Yuba College students register and prepare for classes and find library and other campus online resources.  The library is so excited about the wonderful partnership between our staff and the MESA group!

The MESA group will have a table set up outside of the 49er Library ConNex for the first 2 weeks of school on Monday through Thursday.  The student volunteers from MESA will have laptops available to assist Yuba College students as they gear up for a new semester!  The MESA student group will be providing help for services, including:

  • BlackBoard
  • College Portal
  • Student Email
  • Web Advisor
  • Library Resources
  • Campus Resources
  • And more!

Please visit the 49er Library ConNex and come by the MESA table during the first 2 weeks of school to receive online help and technical support!  And please remember to thank the MESA student group for generously donating their time!


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Yuba College Library Will Make You Feel Smart

Sorry students.

We know. We know. Libraries are confusing. You are not the only one to feel this way. In fact, there have been countless academic studies conducted on how terrible people feel about library systems. There is even a word for it: “Library Anxiety.” It’s a feeling of fear, confusion, and general panic that when you enter the library, you may not know what to do. Some even suggest that the library is akin to many other arts and cultural organizations – designed to make you feel stupid.

Yes, stupid! Last year, several major art museums conducted a survey to see what people were thinking or feeling when they visited and perused the art collections. Some of the things people had to say were: “I don’t know where to start,” “I don’t know what to look at first,” and “Your labels make me feel stupid.” It’s hard to deny that similar feelings aren’t felt by patrons of the library. Just replace the word “labels” with “databases” and you get the idea that we feel your pain.

Don’t worry, there is an anecdote. This summer, your librarian, Elena Heilman, will be teaching a 1 unit online course on basic library research (LibSc-1 information). Here is some information on what you can hope to learn. Also, check out the summer 2011 catalog and course schedule for more information:

Catalog/Class Schedule Description

This course will help students acquire beginning information literacy skills necessary to conduct academic or personal research. It provides a step-by-step guide to the research process that is applicable to term papers, course work, and life-long learning. It emphasizes developing effective search strategies, selecting information tools, locating and retrieving information sources, analyzing and critically evaluating information, and using information.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • Select, analyze and develop a research topic
    • Plan a research strategy
    • Choose relevant books and periodical articles
    • Apply database search techniques
    • Organize and analyze information
    • Evaluate and cite information sources
    • Recognize ethical and legal issues regarding plagiarism and copyright

Actually, library systems aren’t as difficult as they appear, but it does help to know your way around them. It’s like learning how to use Facebook or Twitter when they first came on the scene. You weren’t born knowing how to use them were you? Library research is much the same way. No one expects you to know how to do it magically. So, give this course a chance and you might never experience “library anxiety” again. We promise, we’ll make you feel smart!

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