Important Semester-Ending Reminders for Students

The final week of the Fall 2011 semester has arrived, and the Library wishes good luck to all students taking finals and completing final projects this week.  The following are some important reminders of which students should be aware concerning the Library facilities in the last week of this semester:

  • The Library will be open this week, December 12-15, 2011, Monday through Thursday, from 7:45am to 8pm.  The Library will close for the Fall 2011 semester on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 8pm.
  • All materials must be returned to the Library by 8pm on Thursday, December 15, 2011, the last day of finals.
  • If borrowed materials are not returned to the Library by 8pm on  Thursday, December 15, 2011, students will be charged replacement costs.  All fines and fees must be paid before Friday, December 16th, 2011. Failure to return borrowed materials and/or pay fines will result in holds placed on students’ accounts, preventing future registrations, access to transcripts, and so on.
  • While the Library will not be open during Winter Break, a staff member will generally be available for students who need to pay fines.  Students may call 741-6755 or 741-8781 in advance to confirm that someone is available.

We wish everyone a relaxing, restful Winter Break and look forward to working with you once again in the Spring 2012 semester.  Yuba College Library will reopen for the Spring 2012 semester on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 7:45am.


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Need a Break from Studying? Refresh with a Good Movie!

As you find yourself writing term papers, completing final projects, and studying for finals during the last few weeks of the Fall semester, keep in mind that a restful, entertaining break from the rigors of school work awaits you at the Library.  Should you find the opportunity to take a breather from studying, if only for a couple of hours, check out the feature films available in the Library’s Media Collection.  Selections range from drama to comedy, romance, biographical, historical, musical, and more.

Below are titles, DVD and VHS, available at Yuba College Library that are sure to provide a refreshing break from the stress normally associated with the end of the semester. For more information on any of these films, please consult the Library’s online catalog (Polaris) or a librarian.

Title: All the President’s Men
Description: 2 videodiscs (DVD), 138 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: PG
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0065
Summary:  True story of the Watergate break-in that led to the political scandal of the decade.

Title: Almost Famous
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 124 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0066
Summary:  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime when teenage reporter William Miller lands an assignment from Rolling Stone magazine. Despite the objections of his protective mother, William hits the road with an up-and-coming rock band and finds there’s a lot more to write home about than the music.

Title: Carousel
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 128 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: N/A
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0004
Summary:  A carny barker falls in love with a sweet millworker, but his wayward ways don’t change enough to prevent his early death.

Title: Erin Brokovich
Description: 1 videocassette (VHS), 132 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 1 day
Call Number: VT 2088 CC
Summary:  Erin Brockovich is a feisty young mother who convinces attorney Ed Masry to hire her and promptly stumbles upon a law case against a giant corporation for water pollution. Erin’s determined to take on this powerful adversary even though no law firm has dared to do it before. The two begin a legal fight that will bring a small town to its feet and a huge company to its knees.

Title: Gosford Park
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 138 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0018
Summary:  Drama set at the country estate of Sir William McCordle in 1932, showing the lives of upstairs guests and downstairs servants at a hunting party weekend when one of the group is murdered.

Title: The Insider
Description: 1 videocassette (VHS), 158 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 1 day
Call Number: VT 2087 CC
Summary:  When former executive Jeffrey Wigand is fired by his employer, one of the largest tobacco companies in America, Wigand agrees to become a paid consultant for a story by veteran 60 minutes producer Lowell Bergman, regarding alleged unethical practices within the tobacco industry. But what begins as a temporary alliance leads to a lengthy battle for both men to save their reputations and more.

Title: The King and I
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 133 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: G
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0008
Summary: An English schoolteacher finds herself at odds with the King when she is the teacher at the royal court in the 1860s.

Title: Oklahoma!
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 145 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: G
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0006
Summary:  A cowboy wins his girl despite the intervention of a sinister hired hand.

Title: Primary Colors
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 144 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: N/A
Type: Video Material – 2 hours; Video Material – 4 hours
Call Number: DVD 0062
Summary:  N/A

Title: Romeo & Juliet
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 120 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: PG-13
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0039
Summary:  Unconventional adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story. Set in a futuristic urban backdrop of Verona Beach, this is a contemporary re-telling of the tragic love between youthful star-crossed lovers.

Title: Saving Private Ryan
Description: 2 videocassettes (VHS), 169 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 1 day
Call Number: VT 2085 CC
Summary:  Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) must take his men behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Faced with impossible odds, the men question their orders. Why are eight men risking their lives to save just one? Surrounded by the brutal realities of war each man searches for his own answer and the strength to triumph over uncertain future with honor, decency and courage.

Title: Shakespeare in Love
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 122 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: R
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0036
Summary:  When Will Shakespeare needs passionate inspiration to break a bad case of writer’s block, a secret romance with the beautiful Lady Viola starts the words flowing like never before!

Title: The Sound of Music
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 175 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: N/A
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0003
Summary:  A young novice, uncertain about becoming a nun, becomes governess to 7 children of an autocratic ex-naval captain. Her charm wins over the rebellious children and the unbending captain.

Title: South Pacific
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 150 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: N/A
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0007
Summary:  Musical about life on a Pacific island during World War II.

Title: State Fair
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 100 min.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: N/A
Type: Video Material – 2 hours
Call Number: DVD 0005
Summary:  Musical about the adventures of the Frake family at the Iowa State Fair.

Title: Wag the Dog
Description: 1 videodisc (DVD), 92 min.
Target Audience Note: UK cert 15
Type: Video Material – 2 hours; Video Material – 4 hours
Call Number: DVD 0060
Summary:  When the President is caught in a sex scandal less than 2 weeks before the election, “Mr. Fix-it” decides they need a war to distract the public’s attention and he calls on Hollywood’s top producer to create it.

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New Database: Literature Resource Center

Yuba College Library has purchased a subscription to Literature Resource Center database, containing scholarly criticism, reviews, biographies, primary sources, multimedia, and more.  Literature Resource Center will be added to the Library’s database collection in the MyCampus Portal, and access to the database will begin on January 1, 2012.

Here is a description of the database from Gale:

Literature Resource Center is the most current, comprehensive, and reliable online literature resource. It’s materials support interdisciplinary approaches, information literacy, and the development of critical thinking skills. Researchers will find information on authors and their works in all genres and disciplines. Included are:

  • Entries on 135,000 authors, from Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Authors New Revisions, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Contemporary Literary Criticism and other sources
  • More than 850,000 full-text articles, essays and reviews from 390 journals and magazines
  • More than 75,000 selected full-text critical essays and reviews from Contemporary Literary Criticism, Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, Literature Criticism from 1400-1800, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, as well as Drama Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Shakespearean Criticism, Short Story Criticism and Children’s Literature Review
  • More than 11,000 overviews of frequently studied works, from sources including Gale’sFor Students series, Literature and Its Times and Characters in 20th-Century Fiction
  • More than 30,000 full-text poems, short stories and plays
  • More than 8,500 interviews
  • More than 6,000 links to web sites and 4,000 portraits
  • The ability to identify authors and works that share characteristics
  • Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature

New and updated material is added continuously. Materials from forthcoming volumes of Gale’s literature series are added throughout the year, along with full-text journal articles and web sites.

The Library appreciates the input it received from the English department regarding the usefulness of this database as well as the value that it would add to the department’s curriculum.

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New Database: ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source

Yuba College Library has purchased a subscription to ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database, containing scholarly nursing journals, training videos, and more.  The database will be included on the Library’s list of databases in the MyCampus Portal, and access to the database will begin on January 1, 2012.

Here is a description of the database from ProQuest:

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source provides users with reliable healthcare information covering nursing, allied health, alternative and complementary medicine, and much more. This versatile database is designed to meet the needs of researchers at healthcare facilities as well as nursing and allied health programs at academic institutions. ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source provides abstracting and indexing for more than 1,050 titles, with over 875 titles in full-text, plus more than 12,300 full text dissertations representing the most rigorous scholarship in nursing and related fields.

Find coverage for over 70 wide-ranging topics including:

  • Cytology
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Oncology
  • Pediatric Care
  • Pharmacology
  • Public Health
  • Radiology

The Library appreciates the feedback it received from the Nursing department during the trial period of ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source regarding the value that this database would add to the department’s curriculum.

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Contact the Library for Reference and Research Assistance

Have you ever experienced frustration when needing to find information for an assignment or research paper, not knowing where to look or who to ask for help?  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and confused by the complexities involved with finding information among the library’s many resources, the experts at the library are here to assist you with your research and reference needs.  Whether you need help finding a quick answer to a factual question, require in-depth research assistance about a subject area, need help citing sources, require assistance locating materials through interlibrary loan, need instruction regarding how to use the library’s collection, or possess any other information need, we’re here to help you find the answers!

Students have several options when contacting Yuba College Library for assistance:

  • E-mail the library via the Ask A Librarian Form.  Offered during the Fall and Spring semesters only, students can use this form to e-mail the Yuba College Library reference desk for their research needs. To expedite your request, please include your topic (be specific) and the sources you have already used.  A librarian will answer your e-mail shortly.
  • Schedule an appointment via the Research Appointment Request Form.  Arrange an appointment with the Librarian for a personal, in-depth consultation about your research assignment and relevant resources. A librarian will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment. This service is not available when the library is closed.
  • Visit the library in person.  If you have immediate research needs, visiting the library in person is often the quickest way to receive assistance.  Yuba College Library is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:45am to 8pm, and Friday, from 7:45am to 4:30pm.
  • Call the library.  To receive assistance over the phone, call the Librarian at (530) 741-6592 or call the Reference/Research Assistant at (530) 741-6756.
  • Text the Librarian.  To receive assistance via SMS text message, text the Librarian at (530) 359-8220.

When in doubt, contact the library!  We’re here to help!

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When We Don’t Own the Book

Library collections are developed based on the information wants and needs of the community that the library serves.  Additionally, receiving users’ input helps librarians develop a collection that best meets users’ information needs.  While Yuba College Library attempts to purchase materials that will prove useful to students, occasionally we miss an important material.  To this end, Yuba College Library provides a Material Purchase Request Form through which Yuba College faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students can offer suggestions regarding book, journal, microform, audiovisual, and electronic materials that they would like the library to acquire and add to its collection.  The library welcomes users’ suggestions regarding the purchase of library materials, and all suggestions are reviewed by the librarian.  We take all material purchase requests under consideration, and, when possible and appropriate, we do our best to add requested items to the library’s collection.

Before submitting a Material Purchase Request Form, please first check the online catalog to make sure that the library does not already own the item that you are requesting.  Additionally, supplying as much bibliographic information as possible in the Material Purchase Request Form will help the librarian quickly consider and process your request.

To access older or out-of-print materials that the library does not own, you may wish to submit an Interlibrary Loan Request Form, described in a previous blog post.

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Students Speak About the Temporary Library

If you visited the 49er Library ConNeX this September you probably noticed a large white board on display posing the question:  “What do you think about our temporary facility?”   Students were invited to write comments on the white board sharing what they liked and disliked about the library’s temporary location in Building 300, which it currently shares with the cafeteria.

white board with responses

We asked, and you answered!  The following were the topics mentioned in students’ feedback:


  • Friendly, helpful library staff
    • We’re glad that students like the library staff.  We like you, too!
  • Research assistance 
    • We provide research assistance to students working on assignments. Stop by the reference desk and speak to a librarian for research assistance.  We’re here to help!
  • Free coffee
    • Who doesn’t love free coffee?
  • Quiet Cyber Lab
    • The Cyber Lab, located in a room separate from the main library area, is a quiet place to study and access computers.  If the cafeteria noise is bothering you, visit the library’s quiet Cyber Lab, containing 32 computers as well as individual desks and study carrels.
  • Longer hours
    • Because we care about our students, we have extended our hours to Monday-Thursday 7:45am-8pm and Friday 7:45am-4:30pm.  Stop in!
  • Shortened distance to the cafeteria
    • You’ve got that right!  If the library was any closer to the cafeteria, we’d be shelving bananas alongside our books.
  • Less formal setting than the previous library
    • A less formal setting is inevitable when the library is sharing the same building with the cafeteria.  Just maintain the quiet, please!


  • Smaller library size
    • Although the size of the temporary library is smaller than the main library, with about 4,000 books on display, the library’s remaining collection of about 15,000 books is accessible offsite.  If you find an item in the library catalog that is not currently located on the library’s shelves, all you need to do is request the item and we’ll retrieve it from storage for you.
  • Smelling cafeteria food while trying to study
    • We understand that the smell of cafeteria food can be distracting while trying to study.  Unfortunately, the aromas come with the location.
  • Lack of power outlets to plug in electronic devices
    • We’re pleased to announce that a whole row of power outlets have been installed on the cafeteria side of Building 300 to meet students’ needs.  Additionally, more power outlets have been installed in the courtyard.
  • Cafeteria noise
    • We know that the cafeteria noise can be distracting to students while working at the library’s study tables.  However, the library’s Cyber Lab, located in a room separate from the open-air space that the library shares with the cafeteria, is a quiet place to study and work on assignments.  The Cyber Lab contains 32 computers as well as individual desks and study carrels.  Visit the Cyber Lab for your quiet computer and studying needs.

We thank you for your patience during this two year period while the main library is being remodeled and undergoing its high-tech, Library 2.0 transformation.  The temporary inconveniences accompanying our cafeteria-based location were inevitable, but in the end it will all be worth it when in two years we move into our newly remodeled, state-of-the-art library building.   We continue to try to improve our service, and we appreciate the excellent, informative feedback written on the library’s white board this September.   The library is doing its best to meet students’ needs and always welcomes students’ feedback about how we can make your library experience better.

We’re listening, and we want to hear from you.

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