The Library’s New Location: Building 300

The 49er Library ConNeX, Yuba College Library’s newly-named temporary location, is functioning in full swing this Fall semester in its new location:  Building 300 (the cafeteria).  The 49er Library ConNeX will be located in Building 300 for the next two years while the library’s original location, Building 1100, is renovated and transformed into a high-tech, 21st century library!  It is expected that the renovation of the library’s original location, Building 1100, will be completed in 2013.  Thus, for the next two years the 49er Library ConNeX, which shares Building 300 with the cafeteria, will be the temporary home of the Yuba College Library.

Although the library has been down-sized a bit to fit into its new location that it shares with the cafeteria, all of the library’s services remain the same.  The 49er Library ConNeX displays over 4,000 materials, offers to retrieve library-owned materials if they are not currently located in the temporary library, provides access to an InterLibrary Loan service, contains a Cyber Lab for student’s computing needs, and features a quiet space for student study.  In addition, students are encouraged to use the library for research assistance and are welcome to make appointments with the librarian — via phone at (530) 741-6592, SMS text at (530) 359-8220, as well as by approaching the reference desk — for research, reference sources, and citation assistance.

The 49er Library ConNeX offers new, extended hours this Fall semester at the Yuba College Campus:

  • Monday – Thursday:  7:45am – 8pm
  • Friday:  7:45am – 4:30pm

We hope that you will visit the library’s new location in Building 300 and take advantage of its collections and services.  We look forward to serving you at the library this semester!


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