The 49er Library ConNex!

Thanks to all of the students who participated in the ‘Name the Library’ Contest!  We received all types of clever and interesting submissions, including: “Inbetweenary,” “The Literary Buffet,” and “Where Dewey Study?”  We had a tough time deciding on the name for the library because of the wealth of fantastic submissions!

The new library name for the temporary location will be The 49er Library ConNeX.  The winning contributors who helped us decide on the new name are: Mario Maldonado, Iris Rodriguez, Lisa, and Amandeep Momi.

The Yuba College mascot received several mentions among the contest submissions, so we knew we had to include 49er in the name of our new library!  We also chose to include ConNeX because the library wants to focus on the great connection between staff and students at the new location.  The temporary library facility will center on the needs of students and present opportunities for library staff and Yuba College students to work together for educational achievement.  We hope that the new library name will remind all library patrons of the importance of collaboration, as well as the great resources and services the Yuba College Library has to provide (no matter the location)!

Thank you again to all of the students who submitted names for the ‘Name the Library’ Contest and we look forward to seeing you at the 49er Library ConNeX!


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