It’s Official: The Library is Moving This Summer

The library is moving! We know, we mentioned it a few weeks ago, but now we can provide you with the exciting details!

This summer the library (Building 1100) will close for a week to facilitate the move to its new location – the cafeteria (Building 300). We will then re-open in our new digs – dates are still TBD.
Map of New Library Location
We are expected to be there for 1 ½ to 2 years, while our permanent home in Building 1100 undergoes a renovation to transform it into a 21st century information center. All of the data we’ve been collecting over the past several months, from the Survey Monkey questionnaires to the white board student surveys, as well as other data collection efforts coming in the near future, will help influence the types of materials, technology tools, services, and space layout that will comprise the new library.

In the meantime, the cafeteria will be partitioned in half, with the library on one side and the cafeteria on the other (in some respect that could prove to be extremely convenient!).  The cafeteria will continue full food service, but less seating will be available.

The library is also going a little leaner to accommodate the smaller space. While we will still offer all of our popular services, they will be scaled back a bit. Some services will, however, remain in tact as follows:

Downsized                                                                            Full Service
-4 to 5 thousand books from stacks                          -Wi-Fi
-100 current periodicals                                                -Copying & printing
-A selection of textbook and media resources     -Research assistance
-Some tables/seating for studying                             -Circulation desk
-Smaller reference section

The Media Lab and the Computer Lab will move to Building 300 as well and will be located to a room adjacent to the cafeteria, which is the former staff lounge. The College Success Center will remain in Building 1100.

The Social Science and English/Journalism faculty offices will also move from their current location in the Fall.

New information about the move is continuously being updated, so please check in with YCLibrarynews for the latest, including moving dates, the library closure, and new summer hours!

We’ll see you at our new location soon!


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