Welcome to Your Library News Center

Welcome to the new Yuba College Library news blog! This blog is designed to help you learn more about what’s going on at the library. We’d like to provide more in-depth stories and insight into what makes the library tick, behind the scenes at the sausage factory if you will. We’ll also provide updates on the latest activities, events, and news. You want to know what the library is up to, then read what’s happening.

We have some cool features you should take advantage of: share stories with friends on Facebook or Twitter, read our live Twitter feed without leaving the page, and subscribe to the blog to receive update notices via email or RSS. This blog is intended to be interactive, so please feel free to respond, comment, complain, or talk with each other. This is a no-shushing zone, so be loud and be heard!

This blog, like the library, strives to be informative, purposeful, and helpful to our patrons, which includes students, faculty, staff, and members of our community. If you would like us to discuss a topic in particular, have a question you need an answer to, or have any suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Happy blogging to all!

And now, let me introduce your helpful and brilliant Spring 2011 interns. That’s right, interns. Because the sausage factory cannot run on one butcher alone. Thanks to the modern information age, our interns are geographically disbursed and mostly work virtually.

Tanya Koukeyan is from Los Angeles, CA. She’s finishing her last semester at San Jose State, School of Library and Information Science. Her professional background is in non-profits and fundraising, specializing in database development and prospect research.

Her internship projects are the yclibrary news blog, social media (Facebook/Twitter) marketing, creating subject bibliographies, and producing instructional videos on library research. Her professional interests are reference/instruction, and building online communities. She’s also a news, politics, and pop culture junkie.

Chris Krause is from New York and is currently a student at San Jose State, School of Library and Information Science.

His internship projects are converting class content to Blackboard HTML and creating a digital archive/database of the Yuba College newspaper. His professional focus is archives and special collections, and his hobbies include Hellenistic history, virtue philosophy, Stoicism and classics. “Happy hunting,” he says.

James Wagner is in his second-last semester at San Jose State, School of Library and Information Science.  His course focus is on Digital Services/Emerging Trends,  Digital Assets Management, Metadata, Electronic Records Management, etc. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University, where he also taught for six years.

James is from Chico, CA, about an hour north of Yuba College.  He is doing 1/3 of his internship online and the other 2/3 onsite.  His internship project is creating a series of subject-specific pathfinders for various departments. He also works the reference desk during his onsite hours.

James’ hobbies are poetry, fiction, film, philosophy, and mountain climbing.


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